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Royal Vision, Mission,
and Values
Our Vision
To connect patients and providers in the healthcare continuum
technology and seamless experiences.
Our Mission
To positively impact the patient's
, make our customer's jobs easier, and develop healthcare leaders.
Our Values






Leadership Team

In an industry where punctuality, safety and patient throughput are the baseline of performance, Royal strives to be much more.

We seek to overdeliver on each patient journey by creating truly exceptional experiences. For our customers (the health care facilities and respected hospitals we serve), Royal desires to be a valued partner adding a premium perception to their businesses.

For their patients, we strive to be the highlight of their day, treating them royally through our EMTs empathy and positive nature. We innovate unique ways to better serve our customers and their patients. As a company, we support each other like family.

Steve Grau
Founder and CEO
Eve Grau
Vice President of Human Resources
Hasieb Lemar
Eric Krieger
Vice President of Business Administration
Trevor Hardee
Senior Director of Customer Success
Jim Bizieff
Clinical Operations Manager
Sean Young
Operations Manager
Jeremiah Butler
Alameda County Manager
Jeff Burns
Santa Clara County Manager
Maxwell Lawrence
Contra Costa County Manager
Carlee Myrick
Director of Revenue & Compliance
Shahil Patel
Communications Center Director
Ana David
HR Manager
Justin Nool
Talent Acquisition Manager
Samantha Barakat
Talent Development Manager